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The Law Reform Commission of Saskatchewan Law Reform Paper Prize

The Law Reform Commission of Saskatchewan will award $200 annually to a student from the University of Saskatchewan College of Law who submits the best paper relating to the field of law reform in Saskatchewan.  Students may submit papers completed in connection with courses offered by the College of Law. Papers must be between 4,000 – 12,500 words in length, and must have been written during the current academic year. Papers must be submitted to the Law Reform Commission’s Director of Research (director@lawreformcommission.sk.ca) by April 15 of each year.

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Recent Publications

Final Report on the Intestate Succession Act: 2017 (APR 2017) Apr 2017

The Intestate Succession Act, 1996 determines how an estate is divided when there is not a valid will, or if there is a portion of an estate remaining after a will has been completely applied. The Commission has undertaken a comprehensive review of The Intestate Succession Act, 1996. This Final Report makes several recommendations for… Read More »

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