Current Projects

Real Property Security Law Project
Commissioner Professor Ron Cuming has completed a study respecting real property secured financing law. The objective of the study was to create a comprehensive statement of mortgage law and other types of real property security law in Saskatchewan including both the relevant statutory provisions and applicable rules of equity. This phase of the project was completed in late 2016 with the publication by Commissioner Professor Ron Cuming of a monograph entitled “Overview of Saskatchewan Real Property Security Law“ that is now available for purchase from Publications Saskatchewan.

Professor Cuming has also presented a report to the Commission entitled “Tentative Proposals for a Saskatchewan Land Charges Act” containing a proposed Land Charges Act and extensive commentaries. The proposed Act is designed to modernize, consolidate and codify most features of current real property security law. The Commission will begin extensive consultations on its proposals for a Land Charges Act in early 2018. Consultation papers requesting public comment will be released mid way through 2018, and the Commission anticipates that its Final Report will be submitted to the Minister of Justice in 2019. Please contact Leah Howie, Director of the Commission, at, if you would like to participate in consultation activities or be added to the mailing list for this project.

Assisted Reproduction & Parentage Project
Several provinces and countries have reformed their parentage laws to account for the rising use of various types of assisted human reproduction procedures. Procedures such as gamete donation and surrogacy can lead to potentially complex parentage results. Apart from adding a definition of “other parent” in The Vital Statistics Act, 2009, Saskatchewan has not yet undertaken a comprehensive reform of either The Vital Statistics Act, 2009 or The Children’s Law Act, 1997 to explicitly address the multitude of legal issues that can arise from the use of assisted reproduction and subsequent determinations of parentage. In 2016 the Commission received two submissions urging the Commission to consider a project on this topic, and in 2017 the Commission decided to proceed. The Commission expects to publish its consultation paper in the spring of 2018. The consultation paper will explore several issues surrounding assisted human reproduction and parentage laws in Saskatchewan. Please contact Leah Howie, Director of the Commission, at, if you would like to participate in consultation activities or be added to the mailing list for this project.

Commercial Tenancies Project
The Commission’s commercial tenancies project is a joint project with the Uniform Law Conference of Canada (ULCC). The Commission’s Director chairs the Uniform Commercial Tenancies Act working group, composed of representatives from several provinces.The working group’s task is to modernize and harmonize commercial tenancies law in Canada with a view to creating a comprehensive framework of statute law that will make it easier to do business in Canada, resulting in direct benefits to Canadians and the economy as a whole. The project is a multi-year undertaking involving extensive consultation with the working group. The final result is expected to be a Uniform Commercial Tenancies Act, to be recommended for adoption in the common law jurisdictions of Canada. The working group is intending to present a draft Uniform Commercial Tenancies Act to the ULCC for approval at its August 2018 meeting in Quebec City. The working group has presented progress reports to the ULCC in 2017, 2016, 2014, 2013, and 2012.