Publications by Key Term: compensation

Awards of Costs and Access to Justice: Research Paper Jul 2011

The Commission addresses two conflicting viewpoints: that access to justice is reduced by the high cost of litigation and the relatively low value of awards, and that such costs should be higher to deter frivolous lawsuits. The Commission outlines Saskatchewan’s partial indemnity cost regime and compares it to full and no indemnity systems in other jurisdictions, canvassing arguments in favour of each approach.

Vaccination and the Law: Consultation Paper Sep 2007

Childhood vaccination programs have been described as “a cornerstone of
improving the health of people worldwide, ” Most people in Saskatchewan
take the benefits of vaccination for granted, and the province has a
successful, publicly funded and delivered childhood vaccination
program. However, the Commission has identified emerging issues that
could threaten public confidence in vaccination programs. Some of these
concerns raise legal s well as medical issues:

1. Compensation for vaccine-related injury
2. Mandatory vaccination
3. Informed consent and refusal
4. Reporting adverse effects

The Commission’s consultation paper is intended to provide background
for public discussion and debate of the issues it identifies.