Publications by Key Term: disclosure

Family Loans and Guarantees: Consultation Paper Jan 2006

This consultation paper investigates loans made by one family member to another,  and guarantees of loans obtained from financial institutions by a family member of the borrower.  Both are common, and are often ways in which a parent can help an adult child financially.  Unfortunately, both can also lead to misunderstanding. Potential problems are greatest if the lender or guarantor is a vulnerable elderly person. In such cases, the financial transaction may amount to elder abuse.

Reverse Mortgages: Consultation Paper Jan 2006

Reverse mortgages allow seniors to use equity in their homes while remaining in the home. The interest is allowed to accumulate, and is paid off when the person dies or leaves the home. There are various benefits and drawbacks to reverse mortgages. The Commission looks to regulation of these loans, including the need for full disclosure and independent advice and counselling.