Publications by Key Term: immunity

Liability of Board Members in the Not-For-Profit Sector: Consultation Paper Jan 2001

A sector governed by volunteers needs protection, both for the volunteers and for the public. Safeguarding the public is paramount, but personal liability should not deter volunteers from seeking board membership in non-profit organizations. Recommendations include restricting personal liability, immunity for directors and officers, and reasonable restriction of that immunity to avoid gross misuse.

Liability Between Husband and Wife and Related Insurance Contracts: Proposals for Reform Nov 1979

The Law Reform Commission recommends that Saskatchewan abolish interspousal tort immunity and extend this abolition to The Insurance Act, where it serves only to help insurance companies avoid payments. This final report goes beyond the previous proposal on the topic in recommending repeal of an additional subsection of The Insurance Act.

Liability Between Husband and Wife and Related Insurance Contracts: Tentative Proposals for Reform Mar 1979

Interspousal tort immunity is based on the archaic fiction of the unity of husband and wife, and is not supported by any of the arguments offered in its defence. If the abolition of interspousal tort immunity is to have any significant practical consequences, it must be accompanied by repeal of bars to damage recovery in intrafamily torts.