Publications by Key Term: procedural fairness

Administrative Penalties: Final Report Mar 2012

The Law Reform Commission examines the issues of natural justice and potential procedural unfairness that arise from the administration of penalties by regulatory bodies. Recommendations include allowance for appeals in all cases, with consideration for appropriateness of the appeal, and minimal procedural rule observance.

Administrative Penalties: Consultation Paper Jun 2009

Administrative penalties are relatively new in Saskatchewan. These monetary penalties are imposed by a regulator without the involvement of a court or tribunal. The process raises concerns over procedural fairness. The Commission invites discussion of various legal issues that arise from administrative penalties, with the goal of developing consistent and appropriate principles of fairness and efficiency.

Solar Access Legislation: Background Paper Oct 2007

This paper focuses on policy options available for the province with respect to solar access legislation. The three most relevant policy issues for Saskatchewan include legislation to define solar easements, legislation to allow a board to grant solar access rights in appropriate cases, and zoning regulations that include solar access.