Publications by Subject Heading: Remedies

Awards of Costs and Access to Justice: Research Paper Jul 2011

The Commission addresses two conflicting viewpoints: that access to justice is reduced by the high cost of litigation and the relatively low value of awards, and that such costs should be higher to deter frivolous lawsuits. The Commission outlines Saskatchewan’s partial indemnity cost regime and compares it to full and no indemnity systems in other jurisdictions, canvassing arguments in favour of each approach.

Proposals for a Structured Judgments Act Apr 1993

Structured settlements provide compensation to a plaintiff in periodic payments instead of a lump sum. Though Saskatchewan courts approve settlements negotiated between parties, they lack jurisdiction to deliver structured judgments. The proposed Structured Judgments Act would allow courts to make structured awards while providing them with some guidance on the complexities involved.

Frustrated Contracts Act: Tentative Proposals Apr 1987

A contract is frustrated when an unforeseen event so distorts the agreement that the law declares it ended and discharges the parties from their duties. The Commission proposes a Frustrated Contracts Act that allows courts a wider ability to adjust the situation post-frustration to ensure a fair result for all parties.