The Commission


The Law Reform Commission of Saskatchewan works to simplify and modernize the province’s laws.  The Commission is empowered by The Law Reform Commission Act to keep under review all law in Saskatchewan and to initiate projects that consider the systematic development and reform of both legislation and the common law.  Projects are undertaken at the request of the Minister of Justice and Attorney General as well as in response to suggestions from the public at large, including members of the legal community.


Consultation is central to the Commission’s work. The Commission relies on the expertise of the legal community and other stakeholders to make informed recommendations to the Minister of Justice and Attorney General.  In order to facilitate input, the Commission generally publishes a background or consultation paper at the outset of a project. These documents provide context for the discussion and pose questions to guide public input.  For those projects with ongoing consultations, please see the Call for Comments page. If you would like to contribute to the consultation process but are unable to give individual or written feedback, please contact the Director to discuss the possibility of providing feedback through alternate means.

Once the consultation process is complete, if the legal issues involved prove particularly complex, the Commission may issue tentative proposals for reform and engage in further research.  Alternatively, if the Commission is satisfied that it has adequate information to proceed, it will issue a final report including proposals.  Recommendations may focus on the elimination of legal anomalies, repeal of obsolete and unnecessary enactments, codification, or the reduction in the number of separate enactments.

Upon completion of a project, the Commission’s independent recommendations are formally submitted to the Minister of Justice and Attorney General.  Whether the Commission’s recommendations are adopted is a matter for the Legislature. Please see the Publications page for a complete archive of the Commission’s reports since its inception in 1974.

Commissioners and Staff

Commissioners are appointed and serve at the pleasure of the Lieutenant Governor in Council.

The Commissioners are:

Michael Milani, K.C., Chair
The Honourable Darryl J. Brown
Professor Ronald C. Cuming, K.C. (Emeritus)
Darcy McGovern, K.C.
Professor Barbara von Tigerstrom
Kathleen Peterson

Professor Dwight Newman




The Commission is funded by grants from the Law Foundation of Saskatchewan and the Ministry of Justice.

Federation of Law Reform Agencies of Canada

The Law Reform Commission is a member of the Federation of Law Reform Agencies of Canada.

Annual Reports

The Commission’s annual reports from 2003-04 to present are available under the “Annual Report” subject heading on the Publications page. For earlier annual reports, please contact the Commission.